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Transport to and from Melbourne – Tullamarine Airport

If you arriving at the airport and don’t have a buddy with a friendly smiling face ready to whisk you away at the end of your flight. Here are some alternative transport options from Melbourne – Tullamarine Airport to Melbourne CBD with approximate costs as at October 2016.


A great regular service to the CBD, the Skybus operates between the Airport and Southern Cross Railway Station, costing $18.00 one way or $30.00 return per person. This part of the journey takes about 30 mins.

Skybus has a free connecting shuttle  bus which drops off at hotels at the door.   If staying at a private residence the suggestion is to find a nearby hotel address and walk the short distance.

If your final destination is not in the CBD, the Southern Cross Railway Station is adjacent if you need a rail connection or outside, connect to a tram along the concourse.


Starbus is another bus service, the advantage is that it is a door to door and operates from outside the International Terminal.  The limitation is the first departure from the airport is 06:00 to the last 18.00 hours.  From the city it is 05:00 to 19:00 hours.We are located in the zone 1 with the fare being $18 one way and $30 return.  Further details and FAQ’s are on the website


We recommend making a booking through the website or they can be called on +613-8378-8700 once you have collected your luggage and they will give directions to your shuttle.  Usually across the road in the centre lane to pick up the service and remember to turn your mobile on.


The journey from the airport in non peak hour traffic to Melbourne CBD and fringes, will take about 20-30 minutes, door to door by taxi at a cost of $50-60 approximately dependant on your location. All public taxi cabs are yellow which are monitored for service. There are a range of limousine services on offer if that is your thing and within budget. Like most cities  there other drivers touting for your business and my advice is be discerning or stick to the yellow cabs.


All the usual car hire companies can be found located at the Melbourne Airport with most having their vehicle pick up point literally across the road in the car park located outside the terminal door.

If travelling into the city the main freeway – ‘Citylink‘ is a toll road and a Citylink Pass needs to be purchased. As in in some other countries there are no toll booths to pay your fee at the start of the freeway. Be aware that if travelling extensively by car tolls do apply on a couple of other freeways. Toll passes an be purchased ahead from Citylink.


Melbourne’s public tram, train and bus system has extensive coverage across metropolitan Melbourne, that is except to Melbourne Airport.

There are two zones which will inform you fare, with the  Melbourne CBD  grid  being a Free Tram Zone.  This is really useful if staying in the CBD and connecting with Skybus.

METLINK prices are are based on a two hour journey or at a maximum there is an all day fare rate.   You will need a  MYKI ticket to commence your journey and the electronic ticket needs to be purchased prior to commencing your journey and loaded with money to get you started.  These are available from a railway station,  7-Eleven, newsagent or other retail outlet.

Tickets for a two hour journey start at $3.80 full fare, for most destinations within a 5-6Km radius.

AVALON AIRPORT IS Melbourne’s second airport catering for domestic travellers using the two lost cost airlines operating out of it. The airport is 60Kms form the city, making transport difficult even if your airfare is cheaper.