The Daily Rituals

Hibiscus at Hotel Rui.

ritual – [noun]

  • a religious service or ceremony which involves a series of actions performed in a set order
  • an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite
  • activities happen as part of a tradition

Rituals are things that we all perform, whether conscious and planned part of our own life order, or informal and unplanned that they become the daily routine we have for ourselves. Here is a snapshot of what has become our daily rituals in Maspalomas.

Aloe Apartment Pool, Maspalomas.

Rise about 6.00am and check the emails, whilst making sure, of yet another sunny blue sky and day in Maspalomas.

Breakfast needs a trip to Bakerei Zipf underneath the apartment to pick up freshly baked croissants, escargots and Krusti Dble rolls to take to the beach as part of the picnic.

The walk to the beach on the Faro side of Dunas del Maspalomas starts right outside our door on Avenida de Tirajana, through the Hibiscus walkway at the Hotel Rui. Along the posted walkway across the hot sand to Kiosk 7 and our spot complete with sun loungers for the day. Take in the sights, picnic, a few swims and if we run out of supplies we can stock up at the kiosk or buy from the “Yum, yum, cola, cola, coronetto” beach vendor man.

The Dunas del Maspalomas from the Broadwalk on Playa del Ingles side of Maspalomas.

At the end of the day those at Kiosk 7 make the journey back across the posted walkway to their hotel to freshen up, drinks, dinner and the night the bars and clubs.

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