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An Afternoon at Kew Gradens

A special spot for us in the gardens to remember my Mum, this Wollemi Pine is located on the lawns across the Orangery.

The Wollemi Pine – Wollemi nobillis.

First discovered in 1994 in Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, Australia, this peculiar tree represents the only member of its genus. It thrives in mild temperate climates. A programme initated by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney in 2006 has made Wollemi Pines available throughout the world.

Though truly not a pine, as its common name suggests, the Wollemi Pine is conifer belonging to the family of Araucariaeae, along with the monkey puzzle tree [Araucaria araucana] from South America and the Kauri from New Zealand [Agathis australis]. This family first evolved in the mid-Juarasic circa 160 million years ago.

The Orangery, Kew Gardens

The Dale Chihuly Exhibition – Reflections on Nature.

11. Paintbrushes – blown glass, Dale Chihuly 2016.
8 . Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower, blown glass and steel, Dale Chihuly 2013.

The Tree top walk within the gardens, a different tree canopy ……